Our technology

Sharper A6

  • The world’s most advanced inspection drone, engineered to fly extended BVLOS missions with the highest reliability.
  • BVLOS misions flown in Finland and thousands of kilometers of transmission and distribution lines surveyed without incident.
  • Registered with the FAA and European aviation authorities
  • Quadruple-redundancy 4×4 LTE communications module for an extremely reliable connection between the drone and the ground control station
  • Field-ready ground control station for professional mission planning and execution in the most challenging environments

Sharper A6 low angle 2

Interested in acquiring standalone Sharper A6 units?

Sharper Detailed Inspection

  • The small and agile DJI drone is capable of safely transporting an optical camera in close proximity to the inspection target.

  • The high resolution visual camera system can resolve components down to the smallest piece of hardware.

  • Sharper Shape software can quickly create flight plans from existing LiDAR data, optimizing routes for the drone, even in complex environments.

  • Field flight operations can then be carried out automatically, minimizing pilot effort and maximizing productivity.

  • Automated detailed inspections ensure high quality, repeatable results from each inspection cycle.

Interested in acquiring standalone Sharper Inspire 2 units?

“Flying the Sharper A6 is truly a privilege specifically because it is a beautiful heavy-lift unmanned aircraft and the sensor package on it is the most advanced available commercially.

This aircraft and payload is going to be a great friend to energy companies and our pilots love flying it.”

 – Matt Dunlevy. CEO, SkySkopes

Sharperscope 5.0

  • End-to-end multi-sensor solution for drone-based consolidated data acquisition
  • Fully automated data capture pipeline, from mission planning to analysis
  • Capable of blending LiDAR, static images, HD video, infrared and ultraviolet imaging in one consolidated dataset for maximum convenience

“The Sharperscope 5.0 was developed from the ground up to create the most efficient system for consolidated data capture.

No other solution comes even close”

 – Lasse Korpela. Head of Drone R&D, Sharper Shape

Sharper Software

  • Sharper Powerline Inspector is the centerpiece of our ecosystem. It compiles all the inspection data for each individual asset, and flags automatically-detected issues that may need the inspector’s attention.
  • Sharper Clearance Analyzer examines all the collected 3D LiDAR data to automatically detect vegetation issues, such as encroachment, risky growth patterns and skewed trees.
  • Sharper Viewer is a fast, web-based tool that allows the user to visually ‘navigate’ through their grid and visualize in a single interface all the reported data and issues found by the Sharper Inspector and the Sharper Clearance Analyzer