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Sharper Intelligence
for a Safer World

Delivering Proactive Asset Intelligence to Mitigate Infrastructure-Related Risks

We combine automation with human and artificial intelligence to provide a holistic asset intelligence solution to improve the operation, reliability, and safety of critical infrastructure.

The Sharper CORE Ecosystem

Our utility asset intelligence software, Sharper CORE, is at the heart of our platform agnostic ecosystem that seamlessly enables third-party integration. Powered by AI and cloud based, it offers collection, visualization, and analysis of all utility asset and vegetation inspection data, as well as forecasting and actionable reporting.

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How Utilities Benefit from Our Solutions

By giving utilities a powerful process made of the most advanced tools based on cutting edge technology, we empower their efforts to stay sharper, and as a result, utilities stay better.

AI-Powered Component Issue Prevention Plan

Preventive Asset Maintenance

With utilities battling daily to keep the lights on for all their customers, every little component counts, and every defect is a dangerous setback. For a utility to catch defects and potential defects in time, it must be proactive, collect and inspect fast and accurately, prioritize the risks, and get to them in time.

To prioritize and plan ahead, we deliver AI supported detection of network component issues. Both enhance attributed component issues as well as input for future asset construction & replacement, creating the most efficient and risk-prioritized network maintenance planning.

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LiDAR & Hyper Spectral Imaging

The Sharper Circle of Inspection Automation

Nature waits for no one, and follows no clearance plan. For a utility to stay ahead of nature, it must create the most optimal plan to cut the risk before it grows. Collecting all environmental data in 1 flight, we create a 3D network environment model, providing tree detection, species detection, automated issue detection, and forecasting to give a fully prioritized vegetation management plan.

Our Sharper CORE provides you with urgent detections of customized issue types for immediate action, such as wire proximity, tree overhangs, fall-ins, etc.

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Sharper Intelligence, for a safer world

Working with Tier 1 Utilities since 2013, answering their operational needs, and learning the complexity of their challenges, Sharper Shape has developed a transformative way of looking at the automation of inspection – a holistic approach that adapts to each utility’s needs, existing processes and digitalization efforts.

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