Drone Service Providers

Workflow Management Solution

Flying the drone is the simple part for a DSP, and what they do best. Sharper CORE adds everything else: workflow management, data processing, mission planning, communications and reporting – all the software you need to do the job in one neat package. Digital twin inspection software tailor-made for DSPs.

Save more than 2 hours a day, per drone team with Sharper CORE’s Drone Service Provider Workflow Management Software.

Software Proliferation

A typical drone service provider will rely on a minimum of eight software tools – that’s seven too many.

As user demands grow more sophisticated, this number is likely to grow. Sharper CORE offers a streamlined software platform for DSPs, allowing them to focus on flying – and to stop abusing spreadsheets.

Enhance Your Offering

DSPs face a fiercely competitive market. Sharper CORE can give your offer the edge over rivals’.

Sharper CORE upgrades your communications, data processing, reporting, workflow management and more – benefits you can pass on to your client to gain an edge.

Benefits and Features

Sharper CORE is the key to cost-effectively turbocharging your customer proposition and streamlining your workflow. Our DSP customers and partners have used CORE to win more work and deliver better outcomes.

Easy integration

Sharper CORE is designed to integrate seamlessly and easily with both your own software suite and your customers’. Simplicity can be a compelling differentiator against your competitors.


Sharper CORE is improving all the time – more features, more advanced AI algorithms, more sophisticated data analysis. That means your proposition can evolve and stay ahead of customer requirements and competitors’ offerings.

Commercially Compelling

Our commercial proposition for DSPs is designed for maximum flexibility and return on investment, featuring application-tailored access and user fees so you never pay for more than you need to.


Sharper CORE is hosted by our partner, Amazon Web Services, ensuring industry-leading performance, uptime, and security, while easing integration and boosting return on investment. Access your data anytime, from anywhere.

The Sharper Difference

Streamline your workflow, enhance your proposition and stay ahead of your rivals with digital twin inspection software for DSPs.

Sharper CORE enhances your proposition and simplifies operations so that you can focus on flying, helping make you more efficient and competitive.