Vegetation Management

Cut Risk with AI-powered Vegetation Insights

Don’t Miss a Single Leaf

Nature doesn’t respect neat lines, and vegetation encroachment threatens the reliability and resilience of utility infrastructure. In fact, wildfires are more frequent and destructive than ever, and utilities can’t be anything less than 100% vigilant in their vegetation management responsibilities. Using a single flight’s multi-sensory data, our software can provide tree detection, species detection, and automated issues detection. Based on this information, our powerful AI can forecast problem spots and compile a fully prioritized vegetation management plan for your ground crews to execute, making sure they are where they’re needed most.



Powerline-ignited wildfires

Dealt with by US federal, state and local fire services between 1992-2020


Saving for find-and-cut work

Using our solution versus traditional methods


Species classification accuracy

Plus 70%+ subspecies classification accuracy achievable using our technology


Dedicated vegetation management AI algos

Built into the Sharper CORE offering, with our library expanding all the time

Preventative Maintenance

Sharper CORE features AI-based growth and health models per species.

Combined with tree location in relevance to the location and proximity to assets, this allows for growth and encroachment forecasting and therefore a fact-based, prioritized clearance planning process.

Living Digital Twin

Our Sharper CORE platform enables utilities to create Living Digital Twins – dynamic 3D replicas of asset infrastructure and its surroundings.

LiDAR and imagery based Living Digital Twins allow for accurate corridor mapping and urgent detections, with customized issue types for immediate action such as wire proximity, detections, overhangs and fall-ins. Furthermore, it enables workflows for inspection, maintenance (asset and vegetation management) and construction.

Smarter Vegetation Management

Delivering you a prioritized, proactive and actionable vegetation management and clearance plan.

Reduce risk to assets and communities and help safeguard against wildfires more accurately and cost-effectively by dispatching clearance crews based on genuine risk priority.

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