Predictive Asset Management

Stay One Step Ahead on Asset Management

Plan, Don’t React

The world moves fast, and utilities are too often put on the back foot when it comes to asset management. For utilities tasked with keeping the lights on, every component counts, and every defect is a danger. Proactive asset management guarantees you stay one step in front of the problem – the future is proactive and preventative asset management.

Sharper Shape’s Living Digital Twin, enriched by state-of-the-art LiDAR, RGB HD and IR sensor imagery, lets you scrutinize every bolt of every asset. Our Sharper CORE AI algorithms help you to predict and prevent failures and produce a fully prioritized asset management plan. Operational excellence has never been so attainable.


~1.63 million

Acres of European land destroyed by wildfires in 2020


US HV transmission lines

Plus, millions of miles of distribution lines across the country


Average age of infrastructure

And more than 25% of US transmission infrastructure is 50 years old or older

~7.2 million

Acres of land in the US were ravaged by wildfires in 2020

See Every Bolt

Granular detail down to every bolt of every component. Customize your issue classification for poles, conductors, transformers – whatever you need.

Our drone-based data collection gets you a closer view for sharper, smarter asset management.

One Step Ahead

Our Sharper CORE platform is loaded with industry-leading AI functionality to predict and prevent asset risks.

To prioritize and plan ahead, we deliver AI supported detection of network component issues and asset deterioration. This enhances attributed component issues and input for future asset construction and replacement, creating the most efficient and risk-prioritized network maintenance planning.

AI supported detection of network component issues and asset deterioration help you plan ahead and intelligently prioritize asset construction and replacement as well as future inspections.

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A Smarter Utility

Proactive, predictive asset management putting you in control of inspection, upgrade and repair programs.

By identifying problems before they happen, utilities can save money on expensive repairs, protect uptime and service levels, and effectively plan activity for future budgets.