Applied Insights for Utility Inspection Challenges

Sharper Shape in Action

Our Sharper CORE tech platform and data collection services can be applied to an array of linear asset inspection applications. Our core user-base and heritage is in the transmission and distribution (T&D) powerline space, but with a little imagination and a good conversation, our technology and approach can be applied to any linear asset with similar inspection challenges, such as railways.

Solving any challenge starts with good data, and our customers tell us that we create the best. Advanced LiDAR, RGB HD image, IR and hyperspectral sensor data combine in Sharper CORE to create a rich, dynamic Living Digital Twin (LDT). From this foundation, users can better inspect, predict, plan and respond to any application challenge.

Predictive Asset Management

For utilities tasked with keeping the lights on, every component counts, and every defect is a danger.

Proactive asset management guarantees you stay one step behind the problem – the future is proactive and preventative asset management.

Vegetation Management

Nature doesn’t respect neat lines, and vegetation encroachment detection is a valuable measurement of health, and wildfire risk posed to powerline utilities.

Our software provides tree detection and measurement, species detection, automated issues detection, plus forecast problem spots and compile a fully prioritized vegetation management plan.

The Sharper Difference

Build operational excellence and proactivity into your asset and vegetation management programs.

Save time, reduce risk and control costs by gaining a firmer grip on your operational reality and planning your programs on best practice, not standard practice.