Data Collection Services

Remote Inspection and Aerial Data Collection

A Richer View

Need better, richer asset data? We can help. Our industry leading sensor payloads give single-flight insight via helicopter, plus remote inspections via state-of-the-art automated and piloted drones. Fly the line, don’t walk it.

Rich Data


Gather large-scale geospatial data to create a detailed 3D point cloud replica of your assets. Map every conductor, pole or tree for granular analysis. What’s more, this will serve as the asset-map for future drone-based automatic detailed inspection.

RGB HD Imagery

Capture high-definition images of your assets from multiple angles to enhance remote component defect inspection. Every image is geotagged and linked to the specific component for easy, rapid remote inspection.


Use hyperspectral imaging to collect data from parts of the electromagnetic spectrum invisible to the human eye, enabling insights such as vegetation health and species detection for smarter vegetation management planning.

IR Imagery

Apply infrared thermal imaging for instant hotspot detection, helping you to identify equipment failure risks ahead of time and enhancing preventative asset management programs while improving safety.

Drone Data

Automated Detailed Inspection (ADI) plus piloted asset inspection services from Sharper Shape.

Get a closer view with our automated and piloted drone-based remote inspection services, powered by our sophisticated sensor payloads.

Features & benefits


Distribution poles

captured by automated drones



inspected in CORE



6,000,000 structures inspected in CORE


petabytes of data

collected and analyzed by CORE software

Heliscope 2.6

All the aerial inspection data you need, captured in a single flight.

Heliscope 2.6 is Sharper Shape’s proprietary consolidated linear inspection (CLI) tool. Tailor made for utilities, Heliscope captures all the asset and environmental data you need.

Drone services

The Sharper Difference

Rest assured that your data is the best it can be by using our data collection services.

Whether using our Sharper CORE Living Digital Twin or your own platform, Get richer, more granular, multi-layer data collected with maximum efficiency from the air.