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ADI – Automated Detailed Inspection

Drone Based Asset Inspections

Safer, Faster, Sharper, Better.

Sharper Shape’s LiDAR supported, AI based automated drone asset inspections, provide a faster, safer, more accurate and cost effective data collection solution. Designed for BVLOS, our proprietary software enables automated flight paths & data capture profile created custom per structure, while avoiding all obstructions such as distribution underbuild and vegetation. In emergency events, a drone can be immediately deployed for automated damage assessment, minimizing risk to personnel.

utility drone inspection
The Drones we use:


One of the top commercial drones, designed to give a longer, more efficient, and stable flight, even in harsh conditions. AI capabilities and multi-sensor data collection maximize each flight, also reducing the need for second pilot/observer.

The Sharper Circle

Easy Multiple Pole Flight Planning – Designed for BVLOS

Touchscreen flight path planning & data capture profile created custom per structure using existing LiDAR data. Safe and secure flight avoids all obstructions: distribution underbuild/ vegetation.

The Sharper Circle

AI Detections for Components and Defects

Precise Multi Sensor Data Collection

Near Real Time Inspection Data Analysis


  • Drone based inspections optimised for standard DJI compatible drones
  • Off-the-shelf hardware, no modifications needed
  • Sensors: high resolution still and thermal cameras
  • Automatic flight planning designed according to the inspection need
  • Pre-calculated 3D-flight plan enables safe and efficient data capture
  • Drones execute missions automatically “one button operation”

We’re ready to help your utility stay sharper!

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