New ways to benefit from LiDAR data: Object-based LiDAR data analysis 2017-09-06T17:10:58+03:00

New Ways to Benefit from LiDAR Data: Object Based LiDAR Data Analysis

Originally published in LiDAR News

Ville Koivuranta / Principal Consultant /

Optimal use of drone-based LiDAR calls for a new kind of analysis algorithms

Ville, our Principal Consultant and a renowned expert on LiDAR analysis algorithms, dives into the new challenges and opportunities that low-altitude, high-precision point clouds – such as those collected by drone-based LiDAR – bring to the table.

In order to extract the full value from this increased precision, a new kind of object-based algorithm has been developed by Ville and our software team.

Read this article to get up to speed on the details and potential of an object-based model