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Sharper CORE Utility Digital Twin

Sharper Shape’s Proprietary Software

All Your Inspection Data in One Place!

Being the CORE of The Sharper Circle, Sharper CORE is our cloud based proprietary software. It automatically centralizes, stores, and visualizes all collected asset and vegetation data – allowing utilities to remotely inspect from any browser, anytime!

Powered by AI and ML

Using AI, Machine Learning and predictive analytics capabilities, Sharper CORE enables automation of detection, forecasting, and actionable prioritization, creating actionable reporting such as workflow planning and work orders.

The Sharper Circle

Prioritized Actionable Reports

These actionable reports can be exported directly from the system to the relevant providers and stakeholders in the field.

The Sharper Circle

Fast, Intuitive and Customizable

This turnkey system is fast, intuitive and easy to use, but most importantly, is fully customizable to your utility needs.

The Sharper Circle

Collect, Inspect, Report 3 in 1 solution

Sharper CORE is in fact a 3 in 1 solution – data management system, visualization & inspection platform, and an actionable planning and reporting tool

The Outcome: The Sharper CORE Utility Digital Twin

This digital model of your network includes all collected and visualized data, inspection analysis and forecasting of both asset and vegetation, as well as all actionable reporting options. The Sharper CORE Utility Digital Twin centralizes, connects, and easily links all the data necessary for utility inspectors. The ability to access Sharper CORE from any browser enables the inspection process to be done remotely, anytime, anywhere.

Sharper CORE offers utilities the ability to consolidate 3 systems into 1 turnkey software solution – a data storage and management system, advanced inspections platform, and a planning and actionable reporting tool.



Stay Sharper, Stay Better

Want your utility to stay sharper and stay better?