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Heliscope 2.6 CLI

Consolidated Linear inspection

Sharper Shape Proprietary Hardware & Software

1 Flight Collects All Data

Tailored for transmission and distribution operators, Heliscope 2.6 is Sharper Shape’s own consolidated linear inspection (CLI) tool, able to collects all T&D asset and environmental data in 1 flight – saving your utility both time and money.

Advanced Sensor System:

Heliscope 2.6 sensor system provides LiDAR data, Hyperspectral imaging for vegetation analysis, multiple angles of RGB HD images for component damage inspection and even IR Sensor Imagery – each payload tailored to the utility’s needs.


Gathering large scale spatial data that models the environment, conductors, poles, trees, buildings in 3D, and enables fact based vegetation analysis. This also provides the necessary basis for drone based ADI.

Sharper CORE

RGB HD Images

Having multiple angles of HD images of your assets enables the highest level of component defects inspection. All images are geotagged and linked to the specific asset, making it easily accessible to inspectors.

Asset Management


Collecting data of fine grained materials allows the identification of vegetation health and even species detection. These can become critical factors that influence decisions on maintenance work, allowing for informed planning of vegetation clearance. oritized data driven clearance plan

Vegetation Management

IR Sensor Imagery

To overcome unseen defects, thermal images allow quick detection of hotspots, indicating the risk of pending equipment failures. This increases the effectiveness of preventive asset maintenance and maintains safety.

The Sharper Circle


A highly efficient and cost saving data automated collection process, that provides all the necessary data to create the most accurate T&D network inspections. This high quality and multi sensor data feeds into Sharper CORE, and kicks off The Shaper Circle.

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