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Predictions and Forecasting

From reactive to proactive

Using AI to see the Future

Since using Sharper intelligence to create a safer world is our highest priority, we aim to help utilities prevent damage before it occurs. To increase the effectiveness of a utility’s existing preventative maintenance efforts, Sharper CORE utilizes AI and Machine Learning to provide deep data analysis, prioritization, and forecasting tools for both asset and vegetation management issues.

Having no data silos, allows Sharper CORE’s deep analytics algorithm to constantly compare data, seeking new, overlooked data patterns – from persistent failure points to defects linking back to a specific provider

utility asset inspection

Asset: Deep Data Analysis using AI

Hazard detection, automated LiDAR segmentation
Vegetation growth encroachment, material and species detection and analysis, asset deterioration, conductor thermodynamic simulations, high risk and dangerous crossing analysis.

lidar mapping for utilities

Vegetation: Preventive Maintenance & Forecasting

Accurately attributed issue observations: vegetation health, species detection, and tree location vs. location of assets are critical factors that need to influence decisions on maintenance work, enabling fact-based, prioritized planning of vegetation clearance.

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