If we imagine the ‘toolbox’ of a drone service provider (DSP), there’s a whole host of software and equipment available to you. One to fly the drone (quite crucial), one to plan the mission, one for processing data, one to plan logistics and weather, and so on. In fact, a typical drone pilot could be utilizing multiple tools per flight.

Drone flight management tools have been under-estimated for far too long. While getting a drone up in the air is a key part of the task at hand, effective coordination of the entire workflow, from logistics planning through to data presentation, is key to true, scalable success.

So, while we don’t fly the drone for you, we do offer solutions that allow you to streamline your ‘toolbox’. Sharper CORE, our solution for DSP Management, brings all this and more under one roof – allowing you to do what you do best.


Think of Sharper CORE as a Swiss army knife for all your needs before, during and post flight. Instead of lugging around your heavy toolbox, you can free up capacity by swapping it out for a small, but mighty solution which can handle anything you throw at it.

DSP Management utilizes AI-powered technology – Sharper CORE – to coordinate, manage, and deliver data collection projects in one place. It provides visualization in planning, executing, and delivering data, as well as making collaboration with clients, contractors, and internal team members easier throughout the project timeline.    

Pooling your data into one system also means that all of it can be accessed at any time, and with a cloud-based software like CORE, anywhere. So, there’s no need to wait until you get back to the office to log in, you can retrieve data right from your cell phone.

With Shaper CORE, you have access to:

  • Mission Planning Tools
  • Data Collection Tools
  • Living Digital Twin
  • Detailed Remote Inspection Tools
  • Inspection Forecasting
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Data Processing

Downsize your toolkit with Sharper Shape’s DSP Management

Saving time and money

Over-promising and under-delivering in terms of timeframe and project progress has become somewhat of an industry standard and with reams of admin and software solutions, it’s no wonder this is the case when the work is harder than it needs to be. By combining all these tools into one, and having more transparency around planning, DSPs can see the big picture as well as the granular detail to make better, more informed decisions.

Additionally, with tedious admin tasks aplenty, pilots and DSPs can face long workdays for an extensive time, leading to stress and fatigue and putting safety, health and project success at risk. Companies also face the threat of employee burnout and fast turnover due to workload management because of such high levels of admin and coordination needed to properly carry out tasks.  

Utilizing Sharper CORE condenses your administrative pre-flight work, storing and gathering all information in a centralized location to ensure a project is ready to proceed, saving you at least two hours a day, per drone team. This cuts out time spent on organizing safety plans, permits, risk assessments and so much more, to ensure you can get to the job you need to do, with all the information required to work effectively.

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How does this benefit you?

By cutting down on all the tools in your arsenal, you can truly unlock the highest levels of productivity for your drone teams, save money, make your staff productive and your customers more satisfied.

Sharper CORE is simple to use, easy to understand, affordable (protecting your profit margins) and, it can be accessed anywhere, so your data is never far away.

Find out how you can use just one tool to:

  • Visualize your projects, from planning, execution and delivery of analytics
  • Collaborate with your clients, contractors and internal team members
  • Manage your data before, during and after data collection
  • Provide your clients with high quality, visual reports of their data
  • Gather information from data

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