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The Sharper Circle

The Sharper Circle of Inspection Automation enables utilities to take a highly proactive approach to the rising inspection and operational challenges – helping them stay sharper, and stay better.

This holistic process of solutions, combines automated aerial data collection, with AI and Machine Learning based inspection analysis and forecasting – the delivered result is are prioritized and proactive actionable reports, tailored to each utility’s needs.

Empowering Utilities
To increase safety, accuracy, and efficiency, we created a powerful AI and ML-based process, made up of connected tools, each empowering the next, and together empowering the utility.

Prevent the next disaster
Our forecasting and predictive analytics, enable utilities to be more proactive, therefore increasing the effectiveness of preventive maintenance.

Utility Needs

Utilities have a lot in common, but no two are alike. That’s why our holistic approach starts by adapting to each utility’s needs, existing processes and digitalisation efforts

Mission Planning

Choosing the most efficient air vehicle for each mission, as well as selecting the most accurate and efficient payload: cameras / sensors / software for the specific mission.

Data Collection

Using our proprietary Heliscope 2.6 Consolidated Linear Inspection (CLI) hardware, all asset, and environmental data is captured with just one flight.

Heliscope 2.6

We can then utilize our Automated Detailed Inspection,
to collect specific data of all assets, using AI detection to locate components and defects, increasing accuracy, safety, and efficiency.

Automated Detailed Inspections

With this data, utilities are able to remotely carry out emergency inspections.

Data Visualization

Collected data is then visualized, inspected and prioritized in The Sharper Core Living Digital Twin, empowering utility inspectors with cloud-based access to the most powerful, utility-tailored tools for inspections, asset and vegetation management, and forecasting – from anywhere, any time.

Sharper Core Living Digital Twin

Detailed Inspections

Detailed inspections provide proactive insights for asset and vegetation inspections, as well as providing actionable measures for preventative maintenance:

Vegetation management inspection, based on a 3D network environment model, provides tree detection, even species detection and automated issue detection.

Vegetation Management

Asset management inspection enables custom issue classification and prioritization, and are specifically focused on the utility needs.

Asset Management

To increase preventative maintenance efforts, Sharper Core Living Digital Twin utilizes AI and Machine Learning to provide deep data analysis and forecasting tools.

Predictions & Forecasting

Inspection Forecasting

In creating inspection forecasting we utilize our Deep AI Data Analysis capabilities. This enables us to forecast to detect critical hazards, automate LiDAR segmentation, pinpoint vegetation growth encroachment as well as material and species detection. We also enable a highly accurate analysis of asset deterioration, conductor thermodynamic simulations, high risk and dangerous crossing analysis and much more.

Actionable Reporting

Doing the most critical work first is highly important to any utility. With the Sharper CORE Living Digital Twin (LDT) Twin ML-based actionable reporting feature, it’s now fast and easy to generate and directly send prioritized automated work orders – that take into critical utility factors such as local regulations, budget, risk factors, schedules, allocation of work, and even specific utility targets. This is then sent from Sharper CORE LDT directly to the relevant stakeholders in the field. This ability increases the safety of the field crews, giving them all the information needed to get the job done in the fastest and most efficient way.

We’re ready to help your utility stay sharper!

Want your utility to stay sharper?