Next Eagle® by Sharper Shape is the world’s first automatic asset inspection solution utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles. The solution drastically reduces inspection and maintenance costs for high value assets such as power lines, pipelines, railways and more.


nexteagle-logo Unique Technologies

  • High Accuracy, UAV-based LiDAR Data Collection
  • Highly Automated & Optimized Inspections
  • Automatic Identification of Critical Asset Conditions
  • Economic Optimization of the Action Plans


Integrates the process for asset inspection and maintenance

Optimizes the asset maintenance to maximize the financial returns

Estimate here your annual saving potential

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Our Clients

Next Eagle® solution by Sharper Shape is designed to efficiently inspect geographically distributed infrastructure such as long networks and pipelines extending over tens of thousands of square miles of geographical area. Next Eagle® solutions are optimized for the business needs of each specific industry. We are continuously extending Next Eagle® capabilities to address the needs of additional industries.




  • Reliable fully automated risk detection process
  • Significant time reduction from inspection to results
  • Automated component classification and analysis
  • Highly optimized vegetation management and maintenance plans
  • Improved reliability with reduced risk of outages

Oil and Gas

  • Single aerial platform for critical detection
  • Much faster inspections (aerial + automation)
  • Better access to assets
  • Leak detection capability
  • Very significant OPEX reduction


  • Annual inspections of railway corridors and structures driven by safety requirements
  • Automated vegetation management planning
  • Automatic, cost effective & accurate inspection

Precision Agriculture

  • Automatic Crop Inspection
  • Crop Selective Treatment
  • Selective Harvesting


  • Regular monitoring of forests for asset preservation and management
  • Forest analysis for health check, timber calculation, fire detection, growth model
  • Automatic inspection for enhanced asset management

Watch the video

We provide fully automated services for infrastructure asset owners. We have a smart software solutions which bring intelligence to new technologies, as UAV. Please, learn more about our smart solutions by watching this video. Thank You.

 About Sharper Shape Services

Sharper Shape services are turn-key solutions for the efficient planning of maintenance and vegetation management. The services integrate with the customer processes and are based on automated analysis and processing of data using our patent pending software solutions which provide a new level of accuracy and faster time-to-results.


Economic Potential

  • Unprecedented efficiency in analysis of the sensor data into an object model
  • Automatic detection of issues in the objects of interest
  • Economic optimization of the actions related to issues

Underlying Technologies

  • Over 15 years of LiDAR research
  • Team of 30+ PhDs
  • Technology optimized to industry needs
  • Fully automated data processing and analysis

Optimized Processes

  • The Next Eagle solution integrates the inspection planning, data collection, data analysis and maintenance planning
  • Enables industry optimized end-to-end process for asset maintenance and vegetation management

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Sharper Shape wins the Quality Innovation of the Year award

Helsinki, Finland, January 19, 2015
Sharper Shape, the world leading supplier of drone (UAV) based automated asset management services has won the prestigious Quality Innovation of the Year award in the micro company category for […]

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Sharper Shape receives 1M EUR bridge funding

Sharper Shape’s drones take over infrastructure management, the company receives 1M EUR bridge funding from Vision+ Fund

Helsinki, Finland, January 8, 2015 – Sharper Shape, the world leading supplier of drone (UAV) based automated asset […]

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Drones to cut inspection costs in half while improving electricity distribution reliability

Helsinki, Finland, January 7, 2015 – Sharper Shape, the world leading supplier of drone (UAV) based automated asset inspection and maintenance planning services demonstrated drones with advanced sensors in public test flights. The flights […]

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Sharper Shape granted permission for advanced large scale long distance UAV flights

The first UAV company enabled to fly long distance powerline inspections with an advanced sensor system including LiDAR and high resolution cameras 
The civil aviation regulatory authority in Finland is taking decisive steps to lead […]


Unmanned aerial vehicle inspects powerlines
Finnish high-tech company Sharper Shape has the pleasure of inviting you to follow unique test flights taking place on September 25, 2014, near Joensuu, in Eastern Finland. For the first […]

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A power transmission and distribution operator PKS Sähkönsiirto Oy (PKSS) starts using Sharper Shape services for survey and maintenance planning of mid and high voltage powerlines
Sharper Shape Ltd has agreed with PKS Sähkönsiirto Oy […]

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European Space Agency awards Sharper Shape a contract for a feasibility study of using Satellite Earth Observation data for power line inspection and maintenance planning
Finnish high-tech company Sharper Shape is conducting a feasibility study […]

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