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Industry Proven Tools for Automatic Utility Drone Inspections

Our Mission

Sharper Shape is a “Drone Software as a Service™” (DSaaS™) company, driven to automate the entire process of drone-based utility inspections. Sharper Shape doesn’t make drones, we make them better having created one of the world’s most advanced aerial sensor systems and our technology powers the automatic collection and analysis of unmanned aerial inspection data.

Why Sharper Shape?

Since 2013, Sharper Shape has focused on creating UAS solutions for the utility infrastructure market. We are focused exclusively on delivering superior solutions for utility infrastructure customers by providing T&D line inspections, vegetation management services, and engineering data collection. Sharper Shape is a highly experienced drone services company that has flown and processed thousands of miles of power line inspections for major utility companies globally. We are proud to be among the most qualified and professional UAS companies in the world.

Meet Our Team

Chris McMurtry
Chris McMurtrySolutions Architect
Lasse Korpela
Lasse KorpelaHead of Drone R&D
Ilkka Hiidenheimo
Ilkka HiidenheimoCEO
Markus Kuusisto
Markus KuusistoVice President of Engineering
Andrej Srsen
Andrej SrsenChairman of the Board
Mikko Saarisalo
Mikko SaarisaloVice President of Drones
Mikael Nyberg
Mikael NybergCFO
Ville Koivuranta
Ville KoivurantaChief Data Officer (CDO)
Paul Frey
Paul FreyVice President of Sales
Petri Rauhakallio
Petri RauhakallioVP Customer Operations

Join our team!

We are always looking for talented people to join our team!
Send us your application to jobs@sharpershape.com.