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Asset Management

The Sharper Circle of Asset Management

Leave no component behind!

With utilities battling everyday to keep the lights on for all their customers, every little component counts, and every defect is a dangerous setback. For a utility to catch defects and potential defects in time, it must be proactive, collect and inspect fast and accurately, prioritize the risks, and get to them in time. By combining our CLI LiDAR data with our drone based ADI, utility inspectors are delivered multiple angles of RGB HD images for component damage inspection as well as IR Sensor Imagery, and are able to see down to the bolt, putting together a data driven, fully prioritized asset management plan.

Urgent Detections:

The inspection of assets includes specifically customizable issue classification such as poles, components, conductors, safety distance analysis, quick AI based component defect detection and reporting post inspection flights

Preventive Maintenance & Forecasting:

To prioritize and plan ahead, we deliver AI supported detection of network component issues. This both enhances attributed component issues as well as input for future asset construction & replacement, creating the most efficient and risk prioritized network maintenance planning,

The Outcome:

According to customer specific issue rule parameters, AI supported detection of network component issues enables attributed component issues, used for efficient network maintenance planning. To strengthen the holistic, proactive approach of The Sharper Circle, detected patterns and input for future asset construction & replacement are analyzed by Sharper CORE. This inspected data is easily viewed and used in delivering a risk prioritized, preventive asset maintenance plan

Stay Sharper, Stay Better

Want your utility to stay sharper and stay better?