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Drone Software
as a Service™

Empowering drones with automation and intelligence

For customers who prefer to own and operate their own drone, Sharper Shape offers our “Drone Software as a Service™.” As long as your drone uses DJI compatible autopilot, we can provide the necessary software to develop flight plans and gimbal/sensor control plans to allow you to perform Automatic Detailed Inspections. Sharper Shape is developing support for other drone platforms. Sharper Shape also provides the database and analytical software to allow the customer to internally remotely analyze collected inspection data.

Drone Software
as a Service™ Workflow



Plan & Capture

Plan & Capture

Process & Visualisation

Process & Visualisation

Analysis (Optional)


Actionable Report (Optional)

Actionable Report


For DSaaS™, Sharper Shape recommends the DJI Inspire 2 aircraft or the Matrice 210 RTKs. Sharper Shape software will work with any drone using the DJI compatible autopilot system.

Matrice M200/210


Sharper Shape provides our class-leading software as a standalone service for utility customers using our entire Sharper CORE Platform (Cloud-Optimized Remote Evaluations)- consisting of the Viewer, Inspector and Pilot applications. Sharper Pilot derives automatic flight plans and sensor control schemes from existing LiDAR point cloud data. Images collected using ADI flight plans are automatically uploaded to Sharper’s Cloud storage system and stored in the customer’s cloud-based database. Visual assets can easily be inspected by utility/Sharper Shape personnel using the Sharper Inspector. Individual assets are conveniently found through the softwares maplike user interface which allows eg “flying” along the lines. Sharper Shape has invented several automatic software analysis algorithms specifically for detecting issues with utility lines.

Automated Analysis

Vegetation management analysis is completed automatically using the Sharper Shape’s Automated LiDAR Analysis.

Inspector Friendly

Visual line inspection is done by human inspectors (ours or yours), who review the image data collected using the Sharper Inspector software.

Advanced AI

Computer vision and AI technology is developeded to automatically detect more and more defects.

Easy Access

The cloud-based Sharper Viewer provides a platform for the customer to easily access and review their system’s inspection data – from virtually anywhere in the world where a secure internet is available.


Sharper Shape ADI allows Inpectors to perform their work without travelling or climbing, saving time and costs as well as decreasing security risks. Many issues can be detected fully automatically further speeding up the process.

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