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Sharper Shape’s Proprietary Software

The Sharper CORE
Living Digital Twin

All Inspection Data in One Place in Real-time

Sharper CORE (Cloud Optimized Remote Evaluation) is a real-time Living Digital Twin (LDT) software complete with data collection tools, specifically designed for the digital inspection workflow. It is the powerful core of our Sharper Circle of Inspection Automation Process.
Our software empowers digital inspections for both UAS systems and ground inspections, handling the end-to-end process from flight/field planning and assignments, data ingestion, and review, remote inspection, defect identification, assessment, and reporting.

With Sharper CORE’s LDT, we answer the critical utility inspection needs. We do this by creating cutting-edge workflows for enterprise-scale systems that are safer, more efficient, and cost-saving.


Sharper CORE Experience

Intuitive User Experience that
enables so much more

  • Create data gathering and inspection work orders
  • View all geo content in a contextually rich way
  • Receive advanced analytic results
  • Utilize customizable dashboards for project insights

See Every Risk

Visualize Risk and
Asset Health in a click

  • Display insights as raw, individual trees, veg encroachments, and ai inferences
  • Easy to read heat map layers provide insights at a glance.
  • Simple to read dashboards enable insight highlights, drill-down reports, and data export from Sharper CORE

Real Time Sync

Instantly and fully
synced with field operations

  • Enable workers in the field to receive orders for site visits with custom inspection criteria
  • Remotely upload images and data into Sharper CORE
  • Real-time sync of all completed work
  • Offline functionality enables a seamless experience regardless of connectivity

Simple Drone Management

Fast and simple ordering
of drone data collections

  • Select the assets
  • Choose a date
  • Send to user or vendor

Consolidated Linear Inspection

Cutting edge aerial inspection workflow

  • Remotely patrol your territory
  • Find and confirm issues detected by our algorithms
  • Create and document your findings remotely

Fully Remote Capabilities

Globally inspect your assets
without leaving your desk

  • Review results from field workers
  • Create issues found in imagery manually
  • Generate reports based on your findings
  • Simple and consistent user experience for iOS app and web browser

Powered by AI

AI Human in the Loop Workflow

  • AI mimics the human inspection process
  • AI inferences are instantly updated in Sharper CORE
  • Get prioritised inspections based on AI findings
  • Leverage AI to increase the speed of inspections
  • AI results can be easily reviewed by utility inspectors
  • Confirmed AI findings integrated with report and exporting tools

Sharper CORE LDT Process and Deliverables

Sharper CORE is the Living Digital Twin (LDT) software at the core of The Sharper Circle of Inspection Automation. Complete with sensor agnostic data collection tools, it provides an unrivalled inspection process and powerful deliverables for asset & vegetation intelligence.

With Sharper CORE LDT Utilities Get More:

An end-to-end system that provides automated intelligent, risk-based insights for digital asset management | Full aggregation, ingestion, and analysis of all existing network data | Multi-sensor AI engine | Actionable prioritisation & reporting | Seamless integration with legacy systems | Secure and cloud-based | Fast, intuitive and easy to use | Field operations ready

We’re ready to help your utility stay sharper!

Want your utility to stay sharper?