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Open positions

We are looking for talented developers to join our Finnish R&D team

We offer highly interesting and challenging tasks. You’ll bring your own unique talent mix to the bowl where we can learn from each other’s in areas like drones, geographic information systems, sensors integrations like LiDAR and thermal cameras, machine learning, running software in cloud, embedded programming, and running a startup, while also evolving as a guide and mentor to your colleagues.

We offer a prime spot in the most exciting industry of our times.

If you found yourself interested in the above, let us know about yourself and let’s talk!

Python Developer, Algorithms / Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you will have the opportunity to leverage Sharper Shapes’s rich data we are collecting with drones.

You are strong, inventive and long spanned programmer. You are opinionated in system architectures about how to make algorithms and processing work in reliable and scalable manner. It will be your job to ensure that the code base will stay modular and easy to maintain to be extensible with the latest technologies and advancements. You’re able to adopt new things quickly as we are moving fast where solid background in math and physics will help.

You have deep understanding of modern machine learning techniques and web technologies. You love writing beautiful code and you feel responsible about quality assurance. You are open minded to use pioneering libraries, but are aware of the risks and tradeoffs involved. You have ability to argue your case in simple terms when it comes to technology choices or architectural decisions.

Software Processing Automatization and QA engineer

We are looking for someone to improve the level of automatization of our cloud software processing steps and its quality assurance.

You will be starting by increasing automatization level of data quality assurance and other processes that currently requires manual work. We encourage you to learn new things and depending on your skills set and interests you will be giving helping hand in the backend, front-end, mobile applications, data processing algorithms, cloud platform management or in embedded systems.

We expect you to have experience in Javascript, Python and Linux and enthusiastic attitude to learn more.

Experienced mobile developer (iOS)

With the help of advanced mobile applications, our drones are flying and capturing data autonomously. We have different kinds of data capture methods depending on the size and use-case of the drone platform that need specialized control and automation software.

We are looking for an experienced mobile developer to be responsible of our next generation iOS drone mission control, monitoring and data pre-processing software for ADI drones.

In this position you’d be working closely with our machine learning, process automation and micro-services experts to create new and unique ways to capture the world around us.

We expect you to have strong experience in iOS development and you are fluent in Swift. We appreciate if you also have knowledge in Android, React native, Javascript or if you have interest in backend development.


Apply to positions above or send your open application and CV to:


Espoo, Finland