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Vegetation Management

The Sharper Circle of Vegetation Management

Cutting Down the Risks

Nature waits for no one, and follows no clearance plan. For a utility to stay ahead of nature, it must create the most optimal plan to cut the risk before it grows. Collecting all environmental data in 1 flight, we create a 3D network environment model, providing tree detection, species detection, automated issue detection and forecasting to give a fully prioritized vegetation management plan.

Urgent Detections:

Customized issue types for immediate action such as wire proximity, detections, overhangs, fall ins

Preventive Maintenance & Forecasting:

Accurately attributed issue observations: Growth models per species and tree location vs. location of assets that enable a fact based, prioritized clearance planning

The Outcome: Prioritized, Proactive and Actionable Clearance Plan

According to customer specific issue rule parameters, Sharper CORE analyzes the LiDAR data to provide identification of risk trees, undergrowth, trees with line corridor – with centimeter accuracy. Incorporating hyperspectral imaging, such as tree health and species data, enables growth forecasting. Using Sharper Core, this data is easily viewed and is used in delivering a risk prioritized and proactive clearance plan.

Stay Sharper, Stay Better

Want your utility to stay sharper and stay better?