How do drones fit in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Samuel Salmenlinna shares his thoughts

Tero Heinonen and Matt Dunlevy explain our vision for the future of vegetation management

Our cooperation with EEI is poised to make the benefits of drones available to American utilities

We team up with CNUC to revolutionize vegetation management
– read how

Our data guru explains the basics of how our cloud ecosystem stores and handles drone-generated data


Ville Koivuranta  walks us through the details of his novel algorithm

This paper by Prof. Hyyppä and his team pushes the boundaries of today’s UAV-mounted sensors


Sharper Shape

Service Offerings, 2017

Sharper A6

Sunset flight in Grand Forks


Sharper A6

Power line inspection


Two different flight plans to satisfy a range of utility inspection requirements

A close look of our state-of-the-art sensor system

drones + big data + automated analysis = next-gen utility inspections